Water Supply

Water Charges Consumer list

Brief Note on Water Supply 


            The Medak Municipality is 2nd Grade Municipality having a population 44110 as per 2011 Census and 51027 as per recent SKS its extent area is 22.00 Sq Kms and the Municipality is having source of Water Supply i.e Haldivagu the drawl of water from Haldivagu which is situated 4.10 Km away from the Medak town. The water is being pumping one stage of pumping stations comprising Haldivagu at Ryalamadugu in Medak town and the total required 7.00 MLD per day at present the Municipality is supplying the water to the town 2.20 MLD per day and 1.98 MLD of water is supplying through 62 Nos Power Bores. Hand Bores and 4 Nos of Water tankers to unserved areas of the Medak town and the total water supply is 4.18 MLD by adding required Bleaching powder.


Total House Holds                                       –           13216 Nos


 No of House Holds Water                          –           6497 Nos

Supply though taps

(Private & Public Taps)


No of House Holds Water                           –           6136 Nos

Supply through Power Bores


No of House Holds Water                           –           583 Nos

Supply though Hiring Tankers

Details of Water Supply through Tankers to un served areas


    • Ward No 11, Shanthinagar                        –           50 Nos
    • Ward No 12, Rasheed Colony,                  –           100 Nos

Baba Colony

  • Ward No 8, Ramnagar,                         –           101 Nos
  • Ward No 13, Waddera Colony             –           72 Nos
  • Ward No 14, Arabgally                          –            80 Nos
  • Ward No 13, Backside of LIC Office   –           62 Nos
  • Ward No 25 & 26 Dayara                     –             60 Nos
  • Ward No 27, Budugajangala Colony –            58 Nos

                                                                                                 583 Nos


583 x4=2332 Nos is 43.00 LPCD Water is Supplying.

           At present we are having water in Haldivagu which is sufficient for up to 31st  May. Further the existing Power Bores Water levels are falling down due to summer and during the summer power bore motors and pumps may accord burnt out due to power supply and due to in sufficient water in the power bores.